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Allah said:"Are those who know equal with those who do not know? But only men of understanding will pay heed." [Al-Qur'ăn 39:9]
He said :"Indeed those who fear Allah from his servants they are the knowledgeable, Indeed Allah is the Mighty, the Most Forgiving." [Al-Qur'ăn 35:28]
He said: "And these similitude we coin for mankind, but none will grasp their meaning except those of knowledge. "

In the above cases we clearly see the very high rank that Allah Himself endowed upon those who possess knowledge.Knowledge can also be gained from many sources,outside and inside classrooms(informal and formal learning).There are many branches of knowledge,from painting to gardening,from arts to science.Thus, I, as a soon-to-be graduate of Bachelor of Biomedical Science of IIUM Gombak, would like to ask all my brothers and sisters in Islam to learn something about Forensic Science.

introduction to forensic

what do C.S.I., Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta and Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael all have in

yep,u guessed it right!


what is forensic science?

forensic science can be
simply described as the application of science to the law. In a typical criminal
investigation crime-scene investigators, sometimes known as scene-of-crime officers, will
gather material evidence
from the crime scene, victim and/or suspect. Forensic scientists will examine these
materials to provide
scientific evidence to assist in the investigation and court proceedings, and thus work
closely with the police.
Senior forensic scientists, who usually specialize in one or more of the key forensic
disciplines, may be required
to attend crime scenes or give evidence in court as impartial expert witnesses.

Examples of forensic science include the use of gas chromatography to identify seized
drugs, DNA profiling to
help identify a murder suspect from a bloodstain found at the crime scene, and laser Raman
spectroscopy to identify
microscopic paint fragments.

From examining hair follicles in a lab to scouring a crime scene looking for left behind
clues, forensics is a
big part of the crime world. It happens every day. It can be a little complicated but great
minds have found true
suspects. It revolves around evidence..

in this simple but yet helpful and informative (I hope) website of mine, I will try to give the
jist of
what forensic science is all about.It is my current interest at the moment to spend time
watching C.S.I.
and reading up on this wonderful developing field of research.I just read a couple of
books, but I'll try
my best! ;)

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